"A 'Peace agreement' was obtained, Oct. 21-22 last, and the Federal Power Commission granted a permit for sub-surface exploration to the PUD...."

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Longer letter to the Department of Justice, starting with an explanation of what the PUD has done about the construction of the dam in the past, and what the Wanapums have done, legally and otherwise. Includes lengthy talk about graves, and how they will be treated. The Wanapums are pleased with how things are going. One of the Wanapums may enroll with the Yakimas. Details given. UW has completed a two-year archaeological study of the Wakemap Mound, as approved by the Yakima Nation. Rockhounds are sifting the dig, now. Chief Tommy Thompson has given Relander the name "La Wot," to be used after his death, because Relander was like a brother. A possible home for the Wanapums is discussed at the end of the letter.
4 sheets 8.5 x 11 inch carbon copy of original, which was sent to recipient. Typed.
Sohappy, George, Thompson, Tommy Chief