Yakima Valley Libraries supports lifelong learning and an informed citizenry by providing free, open, and full access to a vast array of ideas and information. (Mission Statement, adopted August 24, 1999)

Yakima Valley Libraries (YVL) grew out of the early community libraries that were established throughout the Yakima Valley. Those libraries gradually coalesced into a rural county library district that merged the existing libraries with centralized administration and collection management services. Library archives and special collections were also centralized. Consequently, local history documents and the many artifacts that had been donated since 1900 to libraries all across Central Washington can now be found in the climate-controlled secured storage area for special collections at YVL. Yakima Valley Libraries Digital Repository is an archive for the collection, preservation, and distribution of historical materials held by YVL.


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Recently Added

  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1953-02-06)
    Clippings range from February 6, 1953 through March 22, 1955, with one undated clipping also included. Some headlines include: "No fanfare, but Franklin County is 70 years old," and "County puts old town up for sale." ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1906-03-30)
    Clippings range from March 30, 1906 through March 9, 1965, with five undated clippings also included. Some headlines include: "To farm historic ground: site of Old Fort Konewock, where many battles were fought, to be made ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1909-04-02)
    Clippings range from April 2, 1949 through May 13, 1968, with two undated clippings also included. Some headlines include: "Fort Simcoe mail carrier goes around the world every year," and "Historic buildings safe at Simcoe." ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1949-06-17)
    Clippings range from June 17, 1949 through April 16, 1964, with seven undated clippings also included. Some headlines include: "Indians okeh restoration," and "Fort Simcoe research group to hold field day March 22." Though ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1949-06-12)
    Clippings range from June 12, 1949 through October 12, 1961. Some headlines include: "4th celebration lively at Fort Simcoe in 1885," and "Memories of Fort Simcoe." Though not digitized, these clippings are available to ...

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