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    Yakima Sunday Herald -- VOL. 14 -- No. 238 -- August 31, 1919.
    (Yakima Herald Publishing Co., 1919-08-31) Yakima Herald Publishing Co.
    "New Movie Theater Planned For Yakima. Tacoma, Aug. 30.--What is said to be the largest motion picture deal consummated on the Pacific coast and declared to create the strongest amusement co-partnership west of the Mississippi river, was announced here today through J. G. von Herberg and C. S. Jensen, of Seattle and H. T. Moore and John S. Baker, of Tacoma. The announcement gives out the purchase of four theaters in Tacoma, four in Seattle, seven in Portland, Ore., one in Medford, Ore., and two in Butte, Mont. In addition to those eighteen houses, all in active operation, the four men announced that plans are being drawn for theaters in Everett, Bremerton and Yakima, Wash."
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    Yakima Morning Herald -- VOL. 7 -- No. 64 -- February 13, 1912.
    (Yakima Herald Publishing Co., 1912-02-13) Yakima Herald Publishing Co.
    "Death Takes Aged Pioneer. Mrs. Virinda Longmire Was Last Woman Survivor of First Party to Cross the Naches. Had Lived in State Nearly Sixty Years. Was Founder of the Largest Family in Washington or Oregon of the Party Settlers in This Section. Mrs. Virinda Longmire aged 82 years, widow of James Longmire, died in North Yakima Monday about 4 o'clock p. m. at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Talatha Kandle, 113 South Seventh street. Mrs. Longmire was a member of the first party of white people who ever passed through this valley and was probably the last lady surviving of that original train."