Yakima Basin Natural Resources

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The Yakima River Basin, including its role as tributary to the Columbia River system, is the focus of this collection of research documents, agency reports and journal articles.


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    Yakima Bull Trout Action Plan Final September 2012
    (Yakima Basin Fish and Wildlife Recovery Board (YBFWRB), Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Mid-Columbia Fishery Resource Office (collectively, the YBTAP Working Group), 2012-09) Reiss, Yuki K.; Thomas, Jeff; Anderson, Eric; Cummins, Jim
    Summary of information on bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) populations in the Yakima Basin. This includes populations status, trends and distribution, habitat, a detailed analysis of threats, and relevant monitoring and restoration actions. The analysis and information will help resource managers in the Yakima Basin.
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    Columbia Basin System Planning Salmon and Steelhead Production - Yakima River Basin
    (Northwest Power Planning Council, 1990-09-01) Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakima Indian Nation and The Washington Department of Fisheries
    This plan is one of the 31 Columbia river subbasin plans that comprise the system planning effort. The system plan will guide the adoption of future salmon and steelhead enhancement projects under the Northwest Power Planning Council's Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife program.
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    Yakima Steelhead Recovery Plan Extracted from the 2005 Yakima Subbasin Salmon Recovery Plan with Updates
    (Yakima Basin Fish & Wildlife Recovery Board, 2009-09-30) Conley, Alex; Freudenthal, Joel; Lind, David; Mees, Phil; Visser, Richard
    This document is an updated version of the Steelhead portion of the 2005 NOAA Fisheries approved interim recovery, Subbasin Salmon Recovery Plan. THis document is a recovery plan for ESA (Endangered Species Act) listed Middle Columbia Steelhead that spawn in the Yakima Basin and are collectively referred to as the Yakima Major Population Group (MPG).
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    Watershed Management Plan: Yakima River Basin
    (Tri-County Water Resource Agency, 2003) Prepared by Economic and Engineering Services, Inc. in Association with Montgomery Water Group, Inc. R.C. Bain & Associates and McKenzie Consulting; Yakima River Basin Watershed Planning Unit; Tri-County Water Resources Agency; Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife
    The Watershed Plan provides a "roadmap" for maintaining and improving the Basins economic base, planning responsibly for expected growth in population, managing water resources for the long-term, and protecting the Basins' natural resources and fish runs.
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    Non-Federal Irrigation Development in the Yakima River Basin Prior to 1905
    (unknown, 1993) Tuck, Robert
    During the 40-year period from 1865 to 1905, the Yakima Basin was transformed from a by-passed region to a thriving center of agricultural production. Bunch grass had been replaced by apple orchards and hay fields. Farm houses were sprinkled over the entire basin, from the small tributaries such as Ahtanum and Wenas Creeks to the broad lower Yakima Valley. The stage had been set for the large expansion that would shortly take place under federal sponsorship. This was the basic legacy of private irrigation development in the Yakima Basin.