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    Strongheart Offers Library of Indian Lore to Yakimas
    (Yakima Herald, 1953-07-09) anon
    Nipo Strongheart's library of some 12,000 items dealing with Indian lore, culture and Western Americana was presented as a gift to the Yakima people at a Tribal Council meeting. Strongheart's gift was given "to perpetuate the history, customs and tradition of the Yakima Indian Nation."
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    Sample Index
    (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1978)
    newspaper article index
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    School named after former Wapato woman.
    (Wapato Independent, 1994-10-19) Livingston, John
    An elementary school in Salem, Ore. was named in honor of Alyce Yoshikai, a former Wapato resident who spent the war years at Heart Mountain internment camp.
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    Student research shared as curriculum.
    (Yakima Herald-Republic, 2004-07-16) Joyce, James III
    Seventh and Eighth grade students spent a year researching and creating a curriculum that details the stories of individuals who reflect the culture of local Japanese-Americans during the early 1940s.
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    Japanese Americans survived hard times.
    (Toppenish Review, 1985-03-27) Story, Bob
    The Harry Uchida family, who experienced the effects of Executive order 9066, share their memories of hardship during incarceration at Heart Mountain, Wyoming, and the struggles they faced when they returned to the Yakima Valley.