The Yakima Epigram (June - Dec. 1898)

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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 3. No. 41. -- July 2, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-07-02) Medill, J. D.
    "Jeff McDaniel, A. H. Wilgus, Fay Fenton and David Johnson leave on July 7 for a month's trip in the vicinity of Mount Adams, by way of Fort Simcoe. They will go prepared to hunt and fish, but mainly to prospect for the yellow metal."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 3. No. 40. -- June 25, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-06-25) Medill, J. D.
    "It is absolutely necessary, if fish are to remain in our streams in any considerable number, that some effective effort should be made on the part of our people to prevent the fish from entering the numerous irrigating ditches of this county. The spectacle of a farmer finding forty pounds of trout floundering about in his meadow is a sight to make a true sportsman weep. It has been suggested that if our farmers and ditch managers would put a wire screen over the intake of their respective ditches, the evil would soon be remedied; otherwise it is only a question of time when our streams will be almost entirely depopulated of its speckled beauties."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 3. No. 39. -- June 18, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-06-18) Medill, J. D.
    "Ben E. Snipes came over from Seattle Wednesday night. The sorrow stricken father has now given up all hope of recovering the body of his unfortunate son, who was lost on the ill fated Jane Grey. Having heard that some bodies had washed ashore on Vancouver island, Mr. Snipes and other Seattle parties who lost relatives in the shipwreck, last week, hired a tug and made a close search along the shore, hoping to find the remains of their boys, but without success."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 3. No. 37. -- June 4, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-06-04) Medill, J. D.
    Reports on local events and growing conditions.
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 3. No. 38. -- June 11, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-06-11) Medill, J. D.
    "On last Monbay night, at a late hour, a hobo slyly entered the saloon of E. W. Dooley and carried of the nickel-in-the-slot machine which sat in the front part of the house. In a few minutes J. D. McDaniel, the bartender, missing the machine, and suspecting who the thief was, started in hot pursuit and in a few minutes caught sight of the thief at the depot. The hobo seeing the dreaded Nemesis on his trail dropped the machine and ran for his life. The active bartender felt relieved, however, to get back the machine with its valuable contents."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 4. No. 15. -- December 31, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-12-31) Medill, J. D.
    "Alex Brandenburg took his Xmas turkey at Prosser. Says he had a hiyu time."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 3. No. 36. -- May 28, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-05-28) Medill, J. D.
    Disaster on the Trail -- The Epigram is informed … that 25 other gold seekers had lost their lives
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 4. No. 11. -- December 3, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-12-03) Medill, J. D.
    "J. H. Vissers, one of the head men of the Holland colony in the Moxee, left Saturday night for his old home in Holland, Michigan. He expects to return to this country in January bringing with him about forty families of his country men, whom he expects to locate in this valley. Mr. Vissers, before leaving, expressed himself to the Epigram as being delighted with the climate, resources and prospects of Yakima county, and being a very influential man among his people, will doubtless be able to convince them that Yakima is the place to live."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 4. No. 13. -- December 17, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-12-17) Medill, J. D.
    "Wm. Harris returned from Seattle Tuesday evening, having been acquitted on that day in Judge Hanford's court of the charge of selling intoxicating liquor to Indians. The jury in the case was out only five minutes."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 4. No. 14. -- December 24, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-12-24) Medill, J. D.
    "This is a good season for the ice men the crop being just the right thickness to handle nicely and clear as crystal, while the weather for harvesting has been simply superb."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 4. No. 12. -- December 10, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-12-10) Medill, J. D.
    "Turpin escapes. Ellensburg, Dec. 7th -- L. R. Turpin, under sentence of seven years in the penitentiary, escaped from Sheriff Wynegar at the depot at 10 p. m. yesterday. A big reward has been offered for his recapture."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 4. No. 8. -- November 12, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-11-12) Medill, J. D.
    "There will be a Temperance lecture and entertainment at the Gleed schoolhouse next Sunday evening at 7 o'clock. The service will be conducted by Elder J. G. Smith. Beautiful stereopticon pictures will be to illustrate the physiological effects of all kinds of intemperance. Admission free."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 4. No. 10. -- November 26, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-11-26) Medill, J. D.
    "J. C. Rathbun, the special correspondend of the Seattle Times, arrived Wednesday night to remain in the city for a few days, during which time he will write up the wonderful resources of this valley, for a special holiday edition of the Times."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 4. No. 9. -- November 19, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-11-19) Medill, J. D.
    "The Attorney General has given an opinion against admitting the votes of residents and employees on the Yakima Indian reservation, who cast their ballots at the precincts nearest the reservation. -- Olympia Correspondence Seattle Times."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 3. No. 35. -- May 21, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-05-21) Medill, J. D.
    "Stock ranch for sale cheap. 245 acres situated in the Natchez Valley, one of the best stock ranches in the county; has a fine feeding ground and is particularly adapted for sheep. All under fence; good spring; 90 acres in alfalfa; good water right; with stone cellar. A real snap, price $3,500. Inquire at Epigram office."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 4. No. 2. -- October 1, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-10-01) Medill, J. D.
    "Late dispatches announce the nomination of Teddy Roosevelt by the Republican state convention of New York for governor, and the same paper announce that the Democratic committee with fight in the courts any attempt to put his name on the official ballot, on the ground of a flaw in his citizenship, which they claim will forever disqualify him from holding the governor's office. The Oregonian has been saying for some time that it was foolhardiness to nominate Roosevelt, and that he would be defeated if he made the race."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 4. No. 3. -- October 8, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-10-08) Medill, J. D.
    "The Indian Jubilee held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week was very generally patronized by the siwashes. The races were good and the Indians seemed to be satisfied with the purses presented. They had some very fast horses as a number of Yakima sports found out to their sorrow."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 4. No. 6. -- October 29, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-10-29) Medill, J. D.
    "Claude Briggs was in town a day or two this week and two or three prospective piano buyers are laid up for repairs in consequence. Briggs' taking proclivities is the cause. -- Ellensburg Localizer."
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 4. No. 7. -- November 5, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-11-05) Medill, J. D.
    "Grandpa Barge on the federal brigade, in the course of a recent speech delivered at Selah, attempted to make 'Klickitat' Baker's odoriferous railroad record look as white as snow. He is reported to have said, that Epigram, which exclusively publishes the record, was a nasty little sheet, that amounted to nothing. Well! well! If that be true, why did the gentleman stop to discuss us; or find it necessary to whitewash Baker's record?"
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    The Yakima Epigram -- Vol 4. No. 5. -- October 22, 1898.
    (Medill, J. D., 1898-10-22) Medill, J. D.
    "A row took place last Friday, at Selah, on the new grade of the N. P., between a discharged teamster and the grading foreman. Rocks we are informed, were used as arguments by both parties, but beyond a few bruises received by both men, no harm was done."