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Relander worked for many years as a City Editor for the Yakima Herald-Republic, which was owned and operated by the Republic Publishing Company. He also worked for newspapers in California, before moving to Yakima.


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    News release: Collection of local teletypes.
    (UNPUBLISHED, 1961) Unknown
    Collection of news releases sent by teletype, including one sent by Relander. Topics include the Yakima Indian Nation, fishery rights, Hanford, Hungry Horse Dam, The Dalles Dam, the 100th birthday of Chief Tommy Thompson, and more.
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    News release: Questions to the Board.
    (UNPUBLISHED, 1955) Unknown
    List of questions are education related. Some of the questions include, "What subjects do you plan to eliminate or to reduce," and "What is the relationship of John Snider to the board?" as well as, "Do you plan to continue cooperation with Dr. Von Pein and his Staff?" and others.
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    News release: Unknown sender, the story of the white man's treatment of the American Indian.
    (UNKNOWN, 1955) Unknown
    Of course, the white man had to get the Indian's land some way. In recent years he tried neglect, poverty, disease, poor education and economic stagnation. The Indian barely survived, but only because he is from hardy stock. So the white man's only recourse was to wash his hands of all responsibility for the Indian -- and then, having kept him uneducated and unable to cope with the ways of the outside world, get his lands at ridiculous prices."
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    News release: Travel writing (pt. 6).
    (UNPUBLISHED, 1965) Nixon, Stuart
    Collection of travel literature. A black and white photograph accompanies one of the news releases. See also RPB-109-01-001 through 005.
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    News release: Travel writing (pt. 5).
    (UNPUBLISHED, 1965) Juckett, Eunice Telfer; Goodman, Jack
    Collection of travel literature. Black and white photographs accompany two of the news releases. See also RPB-109-01-001 through 006.