Yakima Daily Democrat -- Vol. 1 No. 52. -- November 26, 1904.

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Medill, John David
"A Parting Salute. With this issue The Daily Democrat ceases to exist and its remains go to the journalistic boneyard. The lusty young infant after this number is dead. In spite of assertions to the contrary we believe that this paper will be missed by its friends. A number of subscribers have expressed the hope that the Daily might live, as they admired its fearless policy in dealing with men and principles and appreciated its excellent local news service. It is a question of dollars and not of sentiment, with the publisher. He has put his own money into the enterprise and would be willing to continue doing so as long as he has any left if he felt that there is a reasonable chance that he would get it back later; without that prospect in sight he doesn't care to invest further in the local newspaper field."
1 sheet 30 x 22 inch. Printed recto and verso. Marginal voids obscure content throughout. Taped tear obscures content on verso of front sheet. Images stitched to preserve content.