The Yakima Democrat -- VOL. 9 -- No. 39 -- June 14, 1902.

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Medill, John David
"Plenty of Power. The Natches will Furnish Abundant Power for Electric Roads. J. F. McNaught, who spent several days with his surveyors in the upper Natchez this week announces that he has found plenty of water power to answer his purpose in the Natchez. The surveys show that a net fall of 130 feet of water can be secured at Horseshoe Bend, which is located 22 miles above this city. Mr. McNaught has located the site and is well satisfied with it, as he says that he can develop 4500 horse power there. The surveyors on the proposed road to Sunnyside have located the line in this town and through the Moxee valley and are now at work in Parker Bottom."
2 sheets 15 x 22 inch. Printed. Marginal voids obscure context throughout. Images stitched to preserve content.