Typescripts of news clippings - 1889

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First edition of the Yakima Herald, upcoming presidential campaign, Herald soon to be a daily. Yakima Signal suspended last January, moved to Seattle to be state prohibition paper. 18 daily papers in the territory, Seattle Press sold to Leigh S. J. Hunt and W. E. Bailey. Spokane Chronicle destroyed in great fire. Washington Press association convention scheduled for Tacoma.
39 page typescript of newspaper clippings by and about Northwest newspapers.
Barbour, H. P., Northwest Magazine, West Shore, Lawrence, J. M., Yakima Herald, Spangle Record, Walla Walla Journal, Reed and Coe, National Journalist, Whitman, Spaulding, Samuels, L., Yakima Republic, Carmichael, Sam, Prosser Prattles, Columbia Kicker, Scantlin, T. E., Tacoma News, Spokane Falls Review, Holton, C. M., Wilcockson, W. B., Liggett, C. W., Nulty, D. W., Orting Oracle, Bell, Austin A., Asotin Sentinel, Waldrip, I. S., Seattle Press, Ellensburgh Daily Register, Localizer, Prosch, Charles, Post Intelligencer, Port Townsend Leader, Jones, W. S., Kittitas Localizer, Tacoma Ledger, Pomeroy Independent, Spokane Chronicle, Puyallup Citizen, Tacoma Evening News, Big Bend Empire, Orondo News, Pasco Pilot