The Yakima Democrat -- Vol 6. No. 32 -- April 21, 1900.

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Medill, John David
"Local and Personal. The rural delivery system over the Selah route was begun on Monday. According to the new regulations the rural carriers are now authorized to sell stamps and money orders and receive registered mail. Garret Bros. have concluded to add to their brick making plant a new automatic brick press with a capacity of 20,000 brick a day. Later in the season they will also put in a repress machine for the manufacture of pressed brick. W. L. Steinweg is agitating the matter of a better system of irrigation for Tahoma cemetery. He has applied to the city council for a franchise granting to a company to be made up of lot owners, the right to water the burial ground. Mr. Steinweg says that the present system of running water through ditches should not be tolerated longer, as that practice keeps the graves filled with water during the season. His idea is that the water should be pumped into a large tank and then distributed over the grounds by means of hose."
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