The Yakima Democrat -- VOL. 9 -- No. 14 -- December 21, 1901.

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Medill, John David
"It is to be hoped that good to the community will result from the mass meeting of Yakima county farms today at the court house. The question of grazing is admittedly an important one to many of our farmers, but that is not the vital or predominant issue involved in this whole matter under discussion. The main question pertains to the preservation of the water supply that we receive from the Cascades, and without which this beautiful valley would again become a veritable desert. Let it be understood that the man, regardless of his standing in society or his politics, who encroaches upon or diminishes that water supply is a public enemy. With this understanding a solid foundation will have been laid for the proper settlement of this vexed question."
4 sheets 22 x 16 inch. Printed. Severely chipped edges obscure context.