"I have shown the picutre of Chief 'Old Bones' to several of the old timers here who knew the Chief personally, and they all agreed that it is his picture alright."

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"The other day, I was talking with Pete Bones, and I asked him about Sam Fisher, and he told me that he died a few years ago in the Nez Perce country, Idaho. However there is a young 'Fisher' who I have talked to in the past, and Pete Bones told me that the last he saw him was around Lapwai Idaho. Young 'Fisher' is well educated and can give you much of the early history and customs of the Palouse Indians if you could locate him. He used to come each year and help old Sam Fisher in his fishing season at the mouth of the Palouse River but since Sam has died he very seldom comes over here any more. I imagine that the Indian Agent at Lapwai Idaho could give the whereabouts of young 'Fisher' that I mentioned."
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