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  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1955)
    Includes a location map of the Bigfork vacation area alongside full color and black and white photographs.
  • Unknown (UNPUBLISHED, 1955)
    Survey sponsored by The School of Economics and Business (Bureau of Economic and Business Research) The State College of Washington. Six question survey with prepaid envelope.
  • Unknown (U. S. Government Printing Office., 1965)
    Goes state by state, alphabetically, and gives addresses and descriptions of the services and recreation on each Indian Reservation.
  • Sherwood, H. R.; Beaumont, C. M.; Wilson, Lem; Morgan, Frank T.; Hunt, C. C. (UNKNOWN, 1936-05)
    Issued by the Land Settlement Association, Nyssa, Oregon, this booklet includes project briefs, with information given for those interested in moving to the area to start farming. Black and white photographs throughout.
  • author unknown (Toppenish Review, 1961)
    Inez Noelle Johnson of Yakima relates the history of Toppenish Library in a letter she wrote in 1961 to the Toppenish city librarian, Mrs. Iris Dahlman.
  • Anonymous (Yakima Herald, 1965-05-11)
    A brief history of agriculture in the Yakima Valley.
  • Helland, Maurie (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1975-12-07)
    Author Maurie Helland describes what Americans of Japanese descent experienced when the effects of Executive order 9066 forced their removal from the Yakima Valley. Helland tells about what life was like in the internment ...
  • Anonymous (Wapato Independent, 1942-06-11)
    Wapato residents who were removed from Yakima County communities last week will be relocated to Tule Lake Center in California.
  • Relander Collection
    Overview of new orchard. Yakima in distant background. Looking Northeast.
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1967)
    Primarily ads for local places to stay and things to do, there is also a map at the center of the booklet and plenty of black and white photos.
  • Unknown (UNPUBLISHED, 1968)
    Mainly filled with period ads and attractions, some in color, from the local businesses, this guide also has information valuable to the traveler.
  • Unknown (UNPUBLISHED, 1955)
    This brochure has a small map for locating the area and discusses the amenities and what there is to do at the lodge.
  • Unknown (UNPUBLISHED, 1963)
    This brochure from the Vancouver School of Art in Vancouver, B.C. includes a list of scholarship award winners, new staff members, with photographs, and an enclosed information bulletin for prospective applicants, with a ...
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1963)
    Listing of all staff and trustees, as well as biographies and photographs of staff members.
  • Various (Unknown, 1956-06-12)
    Clippings range from June 12, 1956 through June 16, 1956. Some headlines include: "Profile: Vancouver," and "Vancouver government dates back 106 years." Though not digitized, these clippings are available to view in person, ...
  • Relander Collection
    Vantage Bridge across the Columbia River.
  • Various (Unknown, 1953-10-04)
    Clippings range from October 4, 1953 through January 12, 1962. Some headlines include: "Volunteers to erect town's first community building," and "Vantage sees need of firm controls." Though not digitized, these clippings ...
  • Fremont-Smith, Eliot (UNKNOWN, 1967-01-16)
    Newspapers include The Washington Post, Washington D.C.'s Sunday Star, The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and The Dallas Morning News.
  • Anon (Yakima Morning Herald, 1928-03-01)
    Includes both sides.
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1948-10-01)
    Plastico Persian Clay Hardener, Plastico Moulage Materials, the art of mask making with Plastico Moulage Materials, and directions for using Plastico Moulage Materials, "The Posmoulage Process."



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