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  • Relander Collection
    Earth Moving equipment ready to start construction of the Selah T. B. Hospital.
  • Anon (UNPUBLISHED, 1943)
    From the year 1931 through 1942. Believed to be by car lots.
  • Bancroft, Caroline (UNKNOWN, 1950)
    Information on the Tabor Triangle, a famous love triangle that involved the Matchless mine, as an ad for Caroline Bancroft's book "Silver Queen: The Fabulous Story of Baby Doe Tabor."
  • Anon (UNPUBLISHED, 1880-03-01)
    "Statement of funds remitted to Jas. H. Wilbur, Indian Agent for the 1st and 2nd quarter of 1880."
  • Anon (Government Printing Office, 1884-06-30)
    48th Congress, 2d Session. House of Representatives. Ex. Doc. No. 6.
  • Watt (UNPUBLISHED, 1959)
    "Ruth has worked up the YMCA stuff - Your contribution to the YMCA in 1958 was $47.50."
  • Unknown (UNPUBLISHED, 1963-03)
    List of hotels and motels includes their rates, addresses, phone numbers, and the names of their managers. It is likely that Washington State Historical Society members were referred here when they came to Tacoma for ...
  • Unknown (Unknown, 1963-04-06)
    This program includes a listing of the officers of the Tacoma Primrose Society and the Tacoma Primrose Show Committee Chairmen, as well as a listing of all divisions on show. There are a few ads inside the back cover for ...
  • Relander, Click (Yakima Valley Libraries, 1893)
    View of downtown Tacoma.
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1945)
    Issued by the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce, this brochure gives a variety of information about Tacoma and brags about its population of 156,000, which in actuality was not reached until between 1970 and 1980. Blue-toned ...
  • Unknown (U. S. Government Printing Office., 1937)
    Includes a nice, detailed map of the region, with recreation areas marked, this booklet gives the history of the area, extolls the resources of the forest, and goes on at length about the recreation possibilities.
  • Relander Collection (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Wide view of a Tainer Gate bieng installed. Priest Rapids Dam. Columbia River.
  • Relander Collection (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Installing radial arms for the tainter gates.
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1955)
    "The romance of the merchant vessels that ply the trade routes of the world is an ever-present one, and here in Portland you are most cordially invited to watch the ships from all over the world as they load and discharge ...
  • Price, H. (UNPUBLISHED, 1881-04-25)
    Wilbur advised what he can, except for the buildings. "Special Agent A. R. Smith has been ordered to this city, and you will complete the removal of the property with the assistance of Farmer-in-Charge Rinehart...."
  • Unknown (UNPUBLISHED, 1955)
    Talk given by the Forest Manager for the Yakima Indian Agency to the Central Washington Chapter of the Society of American Foresters. "Although his talk was concerned with timbered allotments, the same situation exists ...
  • anon (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Close-up Harry Tomanawash.Celilo Falls
  • Label designed and produced by anon. No bug. (George F. Joseph, 1955)
  • Whitmore, Rolland (UNPUBLISHED, 1928)
    "Individual Income Tax return for net incomes from salaries or wages of more than $5,000 or incomes, regardless of amount, from business, profession, rents, or sale of property."
  • author unknown (Yakima Herald-Republic, 2003)
    New addition to the Sunnyside Public Library are two new paperback book racks furnished by the Yakima Valley Regional Library Board.



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