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  • Anon (UNPUBLISHED, 1880)
    Handwritten note. Unknown who wrote it, or when.
  • Relander Collection
    Mr. J. D. Clemmer, in buggy, owner of Washington Stables located at 202-204 South 2nd.
  • Marble, E. M. (UNPUBLISHED, 1880-11-30)
    Wilbur can purchase items "for the benefit of the Piute and Bannock Indians, the articles being required for use before they could be obtained under contract...."
  • Relander Collection
    Overview of J. M. Perry School of Trades and Industry located on Washington Avenue.
  • Unknown (Unknown, 1907)
    With the first and last sections devoted to flowers, this catalog also sells vegetable and fruit seeds in the center. Lush black and white illustrations throughout. Of note is how fruit and vegetables have changed over the ...
  • Bailey, H. C.; Latta, Frank F. (UNKNOWN, 1931)
    "How it happened, we never found out. But by some mischance, Walter fell over the bank, which was about 20 feet high, into the river and near the bottom caught under a root extending into the water. He would surely have ...
  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED, 1965)
    After her visit to the Yakima Frontier Museum, Relander writes Nancy Davidson a lengthy letter with many questions about places in the Yakima Valley, his hopes for the future of the area, and more information on the museum. ...
  • Relander, Click (UNKNOWN, 1956)
    "From the time white men first occupied the North American Continent until they possessed all the land, there were a succession of prophets. These came alive as the new civilization moved westwardly. After singing their ...
  • Morton, William E. (UNKNOWN, 1955)
    Facts are given about the breeds, including "a short study of the five principal imported breeds constituting the foundation." Prominence of the breed is also discussed, along with how to select the best type for each ...
  • Monsees, L. M., Col.; Morton, William E.; Hineman, Geo. E. (UNKNOWN, 1955)
    Information on a variety of topics, including, shortage of the breed, breeding and foaling time for jennets, and care and feeding of the young jack and jennet colts, and foaling mules. The brochure ends with a quote from ...
  • Relander Collection
    Jackson courthouse, near Morys Corner on Highway 99. Used from 1847 to 1850.
  • Taylor, Arthur Samuel (The Southern Oregon Historical Society., 1960)
    Information about the museum in Jacksonville, Oregon. Map on the back cover. Black and white photographs throughout.
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1951)
    "The first post office at Priest Rapids, Mitchell, was wired down to keep it from being blown flat by the high winds. Later I built a long house for mother there. It was more secure. The post office was located on the north ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1951)
    "Billy Filey was the oldest man around Priest Rapids. No one seemed to know just when he came into the country. He was there, long before anyone we ever knew about excepting the Columbias. He had a water wheel to water his ...
  • Jail 
    Relander Collection
    Jail Building at Fort Simcoe.
  • Alexander, James (UNPUBLISHED, 1966-11-18)
    "Salmon La Sac was the name of my grandfather. It was given to him by the Frenchmen in that area. Like he carried or caught salmon in a sack. He was a Pshwanapum man. His name was Quash Tiah. He had six wives and they all ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1855)
    "On the 25th an express by Pearson arrived from Gov. Stevens at Olympia requesting information as to operations to date and stating that he would be in Vancouver April 4 in readiness to come to this point immediately should ...
  • Oregon State Library (UNPUBLISHED, 1953)
    Not digitized. Please make an appointment to view the item in person.
  • Maryland Historical Society (UNPUBLISHED, 1952-08-11)
    Not digitized. Please make an appointment to view the item in person.
  • Maryland Historical Society (UNPUBLISHED, 1952-08-11)
    Not digitized. Please make an appointment to view the item in person.



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