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  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED, 1956-03-26)
    Relander thanks Ella Smith for book store tips and updates her on how Drummers and Dreamers is doing and the Wanapums' situation with the dam is progressing. He also discusses her project.
  • Evans, Deborah (UNPUBLISHED, 1965-11-01)
    "I have two -- the Navaho and Cheyenne. It seems sort of weird that I chose those two because one was a fighting tribe and the other peaceful."
  • Day, Jim (UNPUBLISHED, 1955-05-10)
    Broken down by standing matter, like cartoons and editorials, and advertising.
  • Anthon, S. I. (Yakima Daily Republic, 1944)
    S.I. Anthon's article praising the contributions of Mrs. Peter MacKintosh to the Yakima Library.
  • Anthon, S.I. (Yakima Morning Herald, 1945)
    Tribute to Mrs. Peter MacKintoch as a longtime advocate of the library.
  • Anthon, S.I. (Yakima Morning Herald, 1945)
    Commentary on Miss Carol Trimble's management of the new library services available to Yakima County readers.
  • Anthon, S.I. (Yakima Daily Republic, 1946)
    Upon her retirement as a rural mail carrier, Miss Alle Miller became the Terrace Heights community librarian in February of 1946.
  • unknown (Knights of Pythias, 1893-05-16)
    First edition of the Daily Republic, a publication of the Knights of Pythias.
  • unknown (Knights of Pythias, 1893-05-19)
    "North Yakima Lodge, No. 53. A Brief Sketch of Its Inception and Steady Growth."
  • Lund, Mary Lou (UNPUBLISHED, 1961-03-27)
    Sent by the Centennial Commission. "I think it should be known that this is our first opportunity to celebrate 100 years of anything. We have lead a truly magnificent existence during that 100 years and hope to tell the ...
  • Unknown (UNPUBLISHED, 1961)
    "The City of Yankton became the capital of a territory that embraced what is now the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, parts of Montana and Wyoming. This vast wilderness became the homes of the pioneers." History of ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1870)
    "He was given command of the 'Harvest Queen' when she was launched and remained with her until he finally brought her over Tumwater falls and later he piloted her over the Cascades. At the time of his father's death the ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1871)
    "The old hulk that has been lying on the beach above town for the past two years once the O. S. N. Co.'s beautiful steamer, Iris, was set on fire some days ago and consumed for the purpose of obtaining the old iron in her ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1873)
    "The captain having first ascertained that all was ready below made his way to the wheelhouse and sounded the whistle for all on board and then a toot to cast off when the boat commenced to move off and in a few minutes ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1871)
    "The Nez Perce Chief was built at Celilo to run in connection with the steamer, Oneonta from The Dalles to Upper Cascades, north bank. Captain J. H. D. Gray was her commander. Her route was to Lewiston and she made good ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1872)
    "The Dalles rapids and Celilo falls, the only obstruction to continuous navigation from the ocean to Priest Rapids, 407 miles on the Columbia and to Lewiston, Idaho on the Snake river, 476 miles from the sea, have been ...
  • Unknown (Wasco County Court., 1952)
    Issued by The Calles Chamber of Commerce. Includes statistical data on various points of interest from hospitals to building permits to the population.
  • Relander Collection (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    An artist's drawing of proposed Dalles Dam.
  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED, 1955)
    "When the 8,750-foot-long Dalles Dam is planted firmly in the Big Eddy of the Columbia River at a cost of $350 million, the wreckage of the Old Fishing Village, now scattered along the Oregon shore like so many heaps of ...
  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED, 1955)
    "What is in store for those living in the Old Fishing village at Celilo Falls when the Dalles Dam completed in 1957, a long step in building a greater Northwest? Will they be tossed out onto the highway that cuts through ...



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