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  • Walker, Mark (Yakima Herald Republic, 9/25/1983)
    Bob Ayers - profile
  • Cabin 
    Relander Collection
    Log cabin in forest setting. Titled: "Good enough for the old timers".
  • Bailey, H. C.; Latta, Frank F. (UNKNOWN, 1931)
    "As long as a man is free to come and go, and do as he pleases, there is no good reason for discontent, but bind him, torment him with pain, leave him alone and it is a brave sport that can fight off ennue. The early comer ...
  • Barton, Frances Lee (Unknown, 1928)
    Produced by Swans Down Cake Flour, this cookbook is indeed full of tips and tricks, alongside the recipes, each of which uses their product. Long section of frosting recipes, as well. Color illustrations on most pages. ...
  • Stapleton, G. W. (UNPUBLISHED, 1889-08-20)
    "The testimony is not in writing in either case."
  • Anon (1955)
    Some calculations have headers such as B224, A225, etc. Some marks have been erased, though still remain visible.
  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED, 1955)
  • Unknown (UNPUBLISHED, 1948-10-24)
    Inside the program is a lengthy Story of Kaweah and on the back is information about the Kaweah Post Office and thanks to those who contributed.
  • Keith, Willard W.; Woodward, Arthur; Byrnes, James B. (UNPUBLISHED, 1949-09-30)
    Divided into a historical and contemporary section, this booklet lists all the art on display, and has some black and white representations of them scattered throughout.
  • Bailey, H. C.; Latta, Frank F. (UNKNOWN, 1931)
    "I write this last my sketch of California characteristics to verify by actual facts what can be established by disconnected testimony to verify some of my statements. That is that there was a common center towards which ...
  • Bailey, H. C.; Latta, Frank F. (UNKNOWN, 1902-08-12)
    "Never has such quantities of gold been acquired with so little knowledge and exertion. While a true statement of the yield of the mines was almost marvelous enough, fiction was added to complete the job. The whole world ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1929-08-10)
    Clippings range from August 10, 1929 through June 5, 1949, with seven undated clippings also included. Some headlines include: "Rambles in the Far West," and "Facts about Dinuba-Visalia air school." Though not digitized, ...
  • Bailey, H. C.; Latta, Frank F. (UNKNOWN, 1930)
    "Moffit & Co. got a permit from the government to coin gold. Their coinage was confined to 10 and 20 cents and were stamped 'Moffit & Co.' We had all kinds of dublooms and smaller South and Central American coins. Of the ...
  • Whitney, William W. (UNKNOWN, 1959-03)
    Front cover article: "Exhibition Preview, Lecture: The West That Was." Includes a list of members inside the back cover.
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1957)
    Information given about the Society, including the members of their Board of Trustees and Staff. On the back is an invitation to membership, proposed by Donald C. Biggs.
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1929-12-22)
    Clippings range from January 19, 1929 through July 24, 1968, with ten undated clippings also included. Some headlines include: "Pioneer of Porterville tells of early day history; has lived here for 76 years," and "Coming ...
  • Unknown (California Mission Trails Association, Ltd., 1954)
    Since this item is under copyright, only the cover has been digitized, but it is available to view in person, in its entirety, by appointment. Includes the history of each mission from San Francisco to San Diego, a map, ...
  • Unknown (California State Printing Office., 1955)
    This booklet tells the tale of Monterey through the history of its first buildings, which are still open to the public.
  • Unknown (California State Printing Office., 1960-04)
    Full of black and white photos and several maps, this booklet gives information to those wanting to access state parks in California.
  • Bailey, H. C.; Latta, Frank F. (UNKNOWN, 1931)
    "Old California did more to establish and develop the brotherhood of men than all the world had up to the date of her settlement. I doubt if there ever was a civilization where the man and character stood so far ahead of ...



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