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  • Neil, Jno. B. (UNPUBLISHED, 1882-04-25)
    "...A band of Piute Indians, from the Duck Valley Reservation, under the leadership of an Indian called 'Big Jim,' or 'Capt. Jim," then roaming throughout Owyhee County, I have to satisfy you that these Indians have not ...
  • author unknown (Yakima Sunday Herald, 1952)
    Sponsored by the League of Women Voters.
  • Layman (UNPUBLISHED, )
    "When you enter upon your life Work are you going to be satisfied with the success of the ordinary minister? If you work along the usual lines have you any good reason to suppose that the results of your labors will be ...
  • Ricard, Pascal (unknown, )
    "The hostile savages did not commit these crimes…"
  • Peterson, Julie (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1999)
    A brief profile of Yakima Valley Regional Library's organization and funding sources.
  • Snelgrove, Erin (Yakima Herald-Republic, 2006)
    Yakima voters approved annexing the city's libraries into the Yakima Regional Library district. The change is expected to improve library funding and library services.
  • Lamb, Charles (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1982)
    Murray L. Bob, director of the Cattaraugus Library System in Jamestown, N.Y., spoke at the 1982 Plath Forum in Yakima about the enduring value of well-written books.
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1900)
    "As heretofore stated the Columbia River was densely populated. At Wallula for a mile was a solid camp with merely space enough between the lodges to allow a footman to pass. There must have been several thousand people, ...
  • Morgan, T. J. (UNPUBLISHED, 1891-03-21)
    "If you have not already done so you are herewith directed to appoint competent person to thoroughly inspect the building, and if found satisfactory and to conform in all respects to the conditions of the contract, you ...
  • S., M. B. (Unpublished, 1956-08-13)
    Also includes sheets from other editions. Newsletter for Washington and Alaska newspapermen and women. Several of the sheets have marked mentions of Relander.
  • Anonymous (previously unpublished, 1948)
    Man standing by the A.E. Larson Bookmobile.
  • author unknown (Yakima Daily Republic, 1953)
    The American Association of University Women vote in support of a combined Rural and City library system.
  • Relander Collection
    An abandoned ranch in the Columbia Basin.
  • Sprague, Roderick, Ph. D. (UNKNOWN, 1967-11-04)
    Reprinted from Dissertation Abstracts, Volume XXVIII. Sent "with sincere appreciation for your help," and a corresponding note from Relander which says when he sent the helpful information.
  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED, 1958-12-08)
    Relander writes Jim Gies, editor of The Evergreen at Washington State University, to ask for a copy of an article that ran in The Evergreen on the time taken up by student activities.
  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED, 1963-02-25)
    Relander discusses the fate of a picture of Celilo Falls done by Larry George with Thelma Kimmel, of Kimmel's Korner, as well as the publication of Strangers on the Land.
  • Relander, Click (UNKNOWN, 1953)
    "Click Relander, born near Danville, Indiana, was a farm boy. After his mother's death he lived with his aunt who possessed the largest privately-owned library in the state. She was a retired teacher and under her tutelage ...
  • anon (UNKNOWN, )
    Clippings are actually printed on the pages.
  • Roscoe, Theodore (Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1960-02)
    Condensed from the book The Web of Conspiracy and printed in Reader's Digest. Due to copyright status, only the first page of the article has been digitized, but the full document is available to view in person by appointment.
  • Unknown (U. S. Government Printing Office, 1955)
    This informative booklet, issued by the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, has good information about Lincoln and his birthplace. Black and white photographs throughout.



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