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  • Livingston, John (Wapato Independent, 1994-10-19)
    An elementary school in Salem, Ore. was named in honor of Alyce Yoshikai, a former Wapato resident who spent the war years at Heart Mountain internment camp.
  • Joyce, James III (Yakima Herald-Republic, 2004-07-16)
    Seventh and Eighth grade students spent a year researching and creating a curriculum that details the stories of individuals who reflect the culture of local Japanese-Americans during the early 1940s.
  • Story, Bob (Toppenish Review, 1985-03-27)
    The Harry Uchida family, who experienced the effects of Executive order 9066, share their memories of hardship during incarceration at Heart Mountain, Wyoming, and the struggles they faced when they returned to the Yakima Valley.
  • Anonymous (Wapato Independent, 1990-02-27)
    Ken Inaba, publicity chairman for the annual Sukiyaki Dinner, explained that this year's theme revolves around the four generations of Japanese-Americans in the community.
  • Story, Frances (Wapato Independent, 1989-03-01)
    The Buddhist community of the Yakima Valley will honor Yoshiko Uchida, one of the oldest in the Wapato congregation, at the annual Sukiyaki dinner. The Uchidas were pioneer members of the Yakima Valley Japanese Community. ...
  • Bruscas, Angelo (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1980-11-11)
    A discussion of the justice of paying compensation to Japanese-American victims of WWII internment camps. Former internees ask how a price could be put on the losses suffered by Japanese-Americans. Other former internees ...
  • Alexander, Autumn (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1992-02-23)
    A profile of the pre-war Japanese community in Wapato, Washington, and the effects Executive Order 9066 had on community members. "A rail ticket and $25 was all the internees were given when the gates were opened." The ...
  • Anonymous (Wapato Independent, 1942-08-20)
    5 war-related articles from the front page of the Aug. 20, 1942 edition of the Wapato Independent.
  • Anonymous (Wapato Independent, 1942-08-27)
    A series of articles about a shortage of agricultural workers that appeared on the front page of the Aug. 27, 1942 edition of the Wapato Independent.
  • Campbell, Roy (1942-07-16)
    Letter from internee Roy Campbell to his mother about living conditions and his experiences at the Tule Lake Relocation Center.
  • Valley Evacuees.; Matsushita, Kara (Wapato Independent, 1942-06-04)
    Two letters from the Japanese American community addressed to the community at large.
  • Anonymous (Wapato Independent, 1942-05-28)
    An announcement of the removal of Americans of Japanese descent from the Yakima Valley. The article includes dates, permitted personal property to accompany evacuees, and facilities to be provided at their destination.
  • Anonymous (Wapato Independent, 1942-06-18)
    Four war related articles from the front page of the June 18, 1942 Wapato Independent.
  • Anonymous (Wapato Independent, 1942-06-04)
    A detailed description of arrangements made for the evacuation of Americans of Japanese descent from the Yakima Valley. Nine people from the Japanese community will be left behind; seven are in hospitals or sanitorium and ...
  • Anonymous (Wapato Independent, 1942-06-11)
    Wapato residents who were removed from Yakima County communities last week will be relocated to Tule Lake Center in California.
  • McFadden, Stephen (Toppenish Review, 1997-02-19)
    Members of the Wapato Buddhist Temple will host the 36th annual Sukiyaki Dinner. Those in attendance can view a selection of traditional Japanese artifacts.
  • McFadden, Stephen (Review & Independent, 2000-03-01)
    Publicity for the annual Sukiyaki dinner hosted by the Japanese-American Community at the Wapato Buddhist Hall.
  • Hilton, Carol (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1977-02-27)
    Yakima County's Japanese community shares cultural traditions, foods, and arts with the broader community with their annual sukiyaki dinner at the Wapato Buddhist Church.
  • Escobar, Ted (Toppenish Review, 1993-03)
    Wapato farmer Tosh Umemoto sees the incarceration of his family at Heart Mountain during WWII as "a thing of the past." He bears no resentment, but he does believe that it shaped the course of his life.
  • Troianello, Craig (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1980-05-09)
    Yakima Valley residents who were incarcerated at Heart Mountain and Camp Minadoka during WWII share what effect that experience has had on themselves and their families. They also discuss a Senate bill (unnamed) offering ...

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