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  • Layman (UNPUBLISHED, )
    "When you enter upon your life Work are you going to be satisfied with the success of the ordinary minister? If you work along the usual lines have you any good reason to suppose that the results of your labors will be ...
  • anon (UNKNOWN, )
    Clippings are actually printed on the pages.
  • Fleming, A. G. (UNKNOWN, 1952-06-02)
    "In the early 80s the Northern Pacific Railroad was building the first transcontinental railroad to the Puget Sound Territory. They selected Commencement Bay as their terminal and plated a town site which they named Tacoma. ...
  • anon (UNPUBLISHED, )
    "There was an ocian steamer, which sank with nearly all its crew, just a short distance from the shore. On board the doomed vessel was a stalwart young man and his little family. He must swim or perish. Could he go and ...
  • anon (UNPUBLISHED, )
    "The unity of Faith + Works. Two men were once crossing a river in a boat. They disputed about Faith + Works."
  • anon (UNPUBLISHED, )
    "I am told there is a market place in London where a strang bronze tablet is put upon a piller for public view."
  • Latta, Frank F.; Bailey, H. C. (UNKNOWN, 1931)
    "Saturday the presiding elder and a young preacher named H. C. Settle arrived. The latter had a young wife who cut quite a figure in the meeting. On Saturday we all took our dinner to the grounds, and had a good sermon ...
  • Bailey, H. C.; Latta, Frank F. (UNKNOWN, 1931)
    "The law adopted by mining districts were made legal by the legislature and court decisions. A mining district was first advertised with certain boundaries, an election called, and if a majority voted yea, a committee was ...
  • Sheller, Roscoe (Binfords & Mort, 1955)
    A fascinating and very human account of a great westerner who realized his dream of a cattle empire through honest dealing and fair treatment. His operations, centered in Yakima Valley, Washington, and The Dalles, Oregon.
  • Bailey, H. C.; Latta, Frank F. (UNKNOWN, 1931)
    "As long as a man is free to come and go, and do as he pleases, there is no good reason for discontent, but bind him, torment him with pain, leave him alone and it is a brave sport that can fight off ennue. The early comer ...
  • Bailey, H. C.; Latta, Frank F. (UNKNOWN, 1931)
    "I write this last my sketch of California characteristics to verify by actual facts what can be established by disconnected testimony to verify some of my statements. That is that there was a common center towards which ...
  • Bailey, H. C.; Latta, Frank F. (UNKNOWN, 1902-08-12)
    "Never has such quantities of gold been acquired with so little knowledge and exertion. While a true statement of the yield of the mines was almost marvelous enough, fiction was added to complete the job. The whole world ...
  • Bailey, H. C.; Latta, Frank F. (UNKNOWN, 1930)
    "Moffit & Co. got a permit from the government to coin gold. Their coinage was confined to 10 and 20 cents and were stamped 'Moffit & Co.' We had all kinds of dublooms and smaller South and Central American coins. Of the ...
  • Bailey, H. C.; Latta, Frank F. (UNKNOWN, 1931)
    "Old California did more to establish and develop the brotherhood of men than all the world had up to the date of her settlement. I doubt if there ever was a civilization where the man and character stood so far ahead of ...
  • Latta, Frank F.; Bailey, H. C. (UNKNOWN, 1931)
    "The antelope is a plains' animal and only takes to the mountains for self protection. I have seen drove (the always go in droves) after drove on the plains where the towns of Williams and Willows now stand, of I estimated ...
  • anon (UNPUBLISHED, )
    "The promise renewed. 13 I will give the land to seed for ever."
  • Bailey, H. C.; Latta, Frank F. (UNKNOWN, 1931)
    "In its early days California was democratic through and through, and though the whigs cast longing eyes on the fat places easily filled and put forth every legitimate effort and maybe some along other lines, it was of no ...
  • anon (UNPUBLISHED, )
    "A man who was converted in one of Major Cole's meeting in the East, in giving his testimony as to what had started him on the road to a life of sin + shame, said When I was a boy I attended S. S. There were five other ...
  • Britton, Ethel Churchill (UNKNOWN, 1940-05-26)
    "Dr. Goodwin and family had been in California two years when he dreamed his father called him saying, 'Lewis, you are needed at home', and the dream made such an impression that the family left immediately for Indiana, ...
  • Cameron, Frank (Yakima Valley Libraries, 2018)
    The arrival of Europeans in the Pacific Northwest made huge changes in the culture, society, economics and life of natives. This paper is a survey of the introduction of European agricultural methods into the Yakima Valley.



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