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  • United States Government (United States Government, 1856)
    Official correspondence related to the then emergent crises in the Oregon and Washington Territories. This report offers multiple viewpoints on the causes and progress of events.
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1892)
    Full color illustrations of fruits and gophers removed from where they were bound. Labeled with their Latin names, and the lithographer. Single sheet from the original publication shows the fruit illustrations where from ...
  • Unknown author (Northern Pacific Railroad Co., 1893)
    Promotional material designed to attract investors and settlers to Kennewick.
  • Craig, Moses (UNPUBLISHED, 1894)
    This bulletin no. 32, from 1894, was done by the Oregon agricultural experiment station. Includes an illustration of each thistle, and how to prevent and kill the weeds.
  • Stewart, Geo W. (UNPUBLISHED, 1897)
    List dates from an 1878 article entitled, "Influence of Trees upon Rainfall," through an 1897 editorial on the western boundary of the Yosemite reservation.
  • Rice, Elmer C.; Brinston, G. H.; Johnson, J. Y. (UNKNOWN, 1900)
    "Sensible home employment. The facts about an industry little known but of great importance and capable of extraordinary development. The easiest home employment for invalids, boys and girls, women and men who may be busy ...
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1910)
    "Spohn's Compound is extensively used by farmers; breeders of all kinds of live stock; horse stock farms; handlers of ponies; breeders and fanciers of dogs and other pet animals; trainers and drivers of trotting, pacing ...
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1912)
    Collection of catalogs sent to Relander. Included in this folder is The National Gallery illustrated catalogue from 1912, Sears, Roebuck & Co., catalogue no. 113, as well as another Sears, Roebuck & Co. undated catalog, ...
  • Smith, Charles W. (University of Washington, 1913)
    A 13 page article that outlines the rational and processes used to form and name Washington State counties.
  • Anon (UNPUBLISHED, 1914-08-13)
    Public--No. 170--63D Congress. S. 4628.
  • Levinson, Salmon O. (U. S. Government Printing Office, 1922-01-19)
    Presented by Mr. Borah. "War between nations, with all its attendant horrors, has always been and is now perfectly legal. A direct attack by one nation on another, no matter how unjustified, is a legal procedure. Even the ...
  • Dovell, W. T.; Venables, R. J. (UNKNOWN, 1924-03-04)
    "Into the valley of 'many waters,' which is 'Walla Walla' in the Indian tongue, came Isaac I. Stevens--he who was later to die gloriously at Chantilly--then the Governor of Washington Territory. Being thereunto accredited ...
  • Vandecaveye, S. C. (UNKNOWN, 1926-06)
    Bulletin No. 202, produced by the State College of Washington agricultural experiment station in Pullman, Washington Division of Bacteriology.
  • Sawyer, C. E.; Worley, S. S. (UNKNOWN, 1926-11-24)
    Bulletin 5-W issued by The State College of Washington, Western Washington Experiment Station, Puyallup, Washington. Covers a variety of diseases, their prevention and treatments. Several diseases have the recommended ...
  • Hubbard, C. M. (State College of Washington, Extension Service, 1927-07)
    Bulletin no. 143, issued by the Extension Service of the State College of Washington, Pullman, Washington. Good advice given on lambing, and feeding and management after lambing. Black and white photographs throughout.
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1928)
    Issued by the Department of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs, this booklet is an excerpt from the Handbook of American Indians, Bulletin 30, Bureau of American Ethnology.
  • Anon (UNPUBLISHED, 1928-12-31)
    "Mines at Shonts, Idaho - Office and principal place of business, Yakima, Washington."
  • Unknown (UNPUBLISHED, 1930)
    "The Orchard Census for Yakima and Kittitas Counties was taken by the Inspectors of the State Department of Agriculture in the various sections of these Counties, and every effort was made to collect the information from ...
  • Peavy, George W. (UNKNOWN, 1930-01)
    Bulletin No. 3, done by the Oregon State Board of Forestry, in Salem, Oregon. Includes species to plant and how to care for the trees.
  • Summers, John W. (UNKNOWN, 1931-12-08)
    From the 72nd Congress, 1st Session of the House of Representatives. "Mr. Summers of Washington introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Roads and ordered to be printed."



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