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Pamphlets, Booklets, and Government Publications

Pamphlets, Booklets, and Government Publications



Relander's collection of pamphlets includes materials from the territorial period through the mid-20th century.

Recent Submissions

  • Mack, Russell V. (U.S. Government Printing Office., 1959-06-17)
    "The House Public Works Committee has approved a bill with a 'do pass' recommendation that would reimburse the states for any toll roads or freeways built on the 41,000 mile interstate highway system." Includes a sheet ...
  • Lynch, Marjorie; Evans, Daniel J. (UNPUBLISHED, 1967-03-24)
    Letterhead has a black and white photograph of Lynch. There is also an enclosed chart showing the effects of a proposed 3.5 per cent single-rate income tax for the state, and a brochure entitled, "Why the people of Washington ...
  • Cooper, Shirley (UNKNOWN, 1944)
    Recounts, in great detail, young Meriam Cooper's life up until now, with a focus on her musical career. Meriam Cooper has signed, inside the front cover, "With much gratitude to Uncle Click," and her friend Saundra has ...
  • Gannon, J. P. (UNPUBLISHED, 1941-08-16)
    Includes 20 sections of ordinances, a key map, and several district maps.
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1910)
    "Spohn's Compound is extensively used by farmers; breeders of all kinds of live stock; horse stock farms; handlers of ponies; breeders and fanciers of dogs and other pet animals; trainers and drivers of trotting, pacing ...
  • Hubbard, C. M. (State College of Washington, Extension Service, 1927-07)
    Bulletin no. 143, issued by the Extension Service of the State College of Washington, Pullman, Washington. Good advice given on lambing, and feeding and management after lambing. Black and white photographs throughout.
  • Wallace, Joe D.; Raleigh, R. J.; Kennick, W. H. (UNKNOWN, 1966-06)
    Station Bulletin 603, issued by the Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University, Corvallis. Gives the results of the trial right inside the cover and detailed information follows. Black and white photographs ...
  • Sawyer, C. E.; Worley, S. S. (UNKNOWN, 1926-11-24)
    Bulletin 5-W issued by The State College of Washington, Western Washington Experiment Station, Puyallup, Washington. Covers a variety of diseases, their prevention and treatments. Several diseases have the recommended ...
  • Rice, Elmer C.; Brinston, G. H.; Johnson, J. Y. (UNKNOWN, 1900)
    "Sensible home employment. The facts about an industry little known but of great importance and capable of extraordinary development. The easiest home employment for invalids, boys and girls, women and men who may be busy ...
  • Townsend, F. E., Dr.; Bras, Harry L.; McGroarty, John Steven; Cuttle, Francis; Quillen, Robert; Clements, Robert E.; Garbutt, Frank A. (UNKNOWN, 1934)
    "Youth for work, age for leisure." Begins with information about The Townsend Plan...in brief. There follows several articles, written by Townsend and others. Includes a subscription form for the Townsend Weekly and "a ...
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1948-01)
    Issued by the State of Washington, Employment Security Department in Olympia, Washington. Information is given about the program, including questions and answers, how benefits are computed, and what will disqualify someone. ...
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1941-06)
    Issued by the office of Unemployment Compensation and Placement, this book has several pages of questions and answers to "explain the act in greater detail." Includes a chart of three example employees, and how each would ...
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1938-11)
    Issued by the Washington Compensation Division in Olympia, Washington. "What every Washington citizen should know regarding the Washington unemployment compensation program." Additional enclosed booklet discusses the need ...
  • Unknown (UNPUBLISHED, 1939)
    "There are openings for about twenty young men at the NYA Resident Agricultural Project, located at Walla Walla, Washington. This project has been established as a vocational training school for young men, who are no longer ...
  • Binns, John H. (UNPUBLISHED, 1939-08-14)
    Addressed to "young women 18 to 24 years of age." "A resident project has been established in Tacoma for instruction and work experience in homemaking and clerical subjects. Eligible girls eighteen to twenty-four years of ...
  • Binns, John H. (UNPUBLISHED, 1939-06-15)
    Addressed to "young men 18 to 24 years of age." The letter begins, "the purpose of this letter is to give young people and their parents information about the Resident Work Experience Project at Port Townsend, Washington, ...
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1949)
    Sculpture House, Jolly King Brand catalog advertising materials for modeling, pottery, mold making, and casting. Black and white photographs throughout.
  • Segel, Joseph M. (UNKNOWN, 1967)
    Statistical data, a lengthy message from the President, financial statements, with notes, and a list of directors fill this booklet. Black and white photographs throughout.
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1968)
    Issued by the Rodeo Information Commission. Information on champions in a variety of categories and final championship standings. Black and white photographs throughout.
  • Unknown (unk, 1967)
    Issued by the Rodeo Information Commission. Information on champions in a variety of categories and final championship standings. Black and white photographs throughout.

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