Requests for Copies

Requests for copies must be submitted to Yakima Valley Libraries in writing via email or by using the online Request Form . Identify the documents you are requesting by call number with description and the deliverable format you prefer. Include your contact information. Yakima Valley Libraries reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgement, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.

Recent Submissions

  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1945-02-03)
    Intended to be mailed as a postcard this foldout has black and white photographs on both sides with captions. One photograph shows the Times-Delta, where Click Relander worked, surrounded by flood water.
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1960)
    3 sheets of half page black and white photographs with captions and one full sheet photograph.
  • Unknown (Unknown, 1967-03-08)
    Full sheet sized black and white photograph. Caption is on a sheet with "Westinghouse Photo" letterhead.
  • Unknown (Unknown, 1967-02-02)
    Full sheet sized photograph of the engine, with an attached caption.
  • Unknown (Unpublished, 1967-03-11)
    Full sheet sized photograph of a ship model on a wooden base. Stamped on the back of the photograph: "Darrel Wood photographer Room No. five The Lloyd Bldg. Main 3-6962, Seattle, Wash."
  • Unknown (Unpublished, 1967-03-01)
    Full sheet size. Stamped on back, "National Steel and Shipbuilding Co. Photograph".
  • Unknown (UNPUBLISHED, 1955)
    Black and white photograph with info on the back of where it came from. There is some question of who the subject truly is. It's possible it was Kamiakin's son, instead.
  • McKay 
    anon (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Queen Diana McKay of the 1953 Pendleton Roundup, and Princess Yvonne Scott.
  • Burke 
    anon (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Daughters of Mrs. William Burke. Pendleton Oregon
  • Bill 
    anon (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Bernice Bill, in beaded outfit. Pendleton Oregon
  • Hillaire 
    anon (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Mrs. Lena Hillaine with her four children. La Conner Washington
  • Shelton 
    anon (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Close-up of the widow of Chief Shelton and his daughter, Harriett Shelton Dover.
  • Wilber 
    anon (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Marie Wilbur with son Jimmy. La Conner Washington
  • Bob 
    anon (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Tommy and Angel Bob. Tulalip Washington
  • Harknet 
    anon (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Swinomish Indians at the end of church service at LaConner. Father John Harknet in back row. La Conner Washington
  • Tepee 
    anon (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Work starting on a $60,000 housing project inaugurated by the Yakama Nation.
  • Wilber 
    anon (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    The Tandy Wilber Family. La Conner Washington
  • Children 
    anon (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Quinault children. La Conner Washington
  • Howiattle 
    anon (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Outdoor portrait of Nathan Howiattle. Taholah Washington
  • Underwood 
    anon (Yakima Valley Libraries, )
    Bob Underwood Family. Taholah Washington

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