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  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED, 1864)
    Start date of Yakima Record and arrival of Frontier Index.
  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED, 1884)
    Typescript of contemporary newspaper articles that mention publications or publishers.
  • Relander, Click (1885)
    Moving the paper to the new town, larger format, Signal destroyed by bomb, death of R.V. Chadd.
  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED, 1887)
    Libel suit against Freeman by E. M. Reed, arrest of editor of Ellensburgh Herald on a charge of libel
  • Relander, Click (1889)
    First edition of the Yakima Herald, upcoming presidential campaign, Herald soon to be a daily. Yakima Signal suspended last January, moved to Seattle to be state prohibition paper. 18 daily papers in the territory, Seattle ...
  • Relander, Click (1890)
    Yakima Herald second anniversary, Spokesman daily begins in Spokane Falls, the Courier in Goldendale. Ellensburg Daily Register suspended due to fire. Washington Press Association to hold annual convention in North Yakima. ...
  • Relander, Click; Various (1891-01-08)
    Sale of Yakima Republic to Will E. Willis; Chelan Falls Leader started; West Shore suspended.
  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED Typescript, 1892)
    Oregon Spectator, first paper published in NW, rival newspapers, newspapers looking for stable communities, J. R. Coe, E.M. Reed and Yakima Herald; Pasco Headlight suspended; Overland Evergreen suspended. Slaughter Sun ...
  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED Typescript, 1893)
    Spokane Spokesman merged with Spokane Review; Holton to purchase Yakima Republic; Olympian and Tribune consolidated; Yakima Herald changes format to 8 columns; local news gathering; W. W. Watson new editor of Yakima Herald; ...
  • unknown (Knights of Pythias, 1893-05-16)
    First edition of the Daily Republic, a publication of the Knights of Pythias.
  • unknown (Knights of Pythias, 1893-05-19)
    "North Yakima Lodge, No. 53. A Brief Sketch of Its Inception and Steady Growth."
  • Reed, E. M. (1893-06-15)
    "A bunch rhodendrum, our state flower, with which few of us on this side of the mountains are familiar, was placed on exhibition in one of the windows of Fred R. Reed & Co's office this week. They were grown by Mayor W. ...
  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED Typescript, 1894)
    Prosser Falls American first issue; Chandler buys the Auburn Argus; Reed back at Herald; Daily Dispatch discontinued; Libby exclusive to Ranch, W. H. James to Republican.
  • Watson, Will W. (1894-01-11)
    "More Sugar-Beet Data. Valuable Information for the Farmers of Yakima County. A New and Profitable Industry. The Owner of the Chino Ranch in California, the Largest Raiser of the Sugar-Beet, Gives the Result of His Extensive ...
  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED Typescript, 1895)
    NW press association initiated; Fairfield Progress plant sold to the Argus; libel charges; F. F. Lischke becomes editor of the Sentinel, Miller leaves Republic; record shows 225 papers published in Washington. Kennewick ...
  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED Typescript, 1896)
    3rd b'day of Prosser American; Republic Publishing Company incorporated; Seattle Telegraph started; Seattle Times sold by Hughes & Davies to Charles Fishback. M. F. Satterlee closes the Yakima Times.
  • Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED Typescript, 1897)
    Sad end for C. W. Hobart; Pasco News merged with the Recorder as the Pasco News-Recorder; Times-Argus suspended; Rev. B. E. Utz begins publishing The Pastor's Visit; Seattle Times Printing Co. incorporated. Shultz buys the ...
  • Relander, Click; Harsell, J. T.; Harsell, Agnes C. (Harsell, J. T.Harsell, Agnes C., 1897-09-25)
    "Road Briefs. A good road is a public joy. The better the road is drained, the easier it is maintained. Reform the roads and reform the people."
  • Relander, Click; Harsell, J. T.; Harsell, Agnes C. (Harsell, J. T.Harsell, Agnes C., 1897-10-02)
    "The fever is abating in New Orleans and other southern points. The doctors now declare that it is not the yellow fever, but a fever known as the 'Dandy' fever. A disease that stiffens one's limbs and gives a stiff, dignified ...
  • Relander, Click; Harsell, J. T.; Harsell, Agnes C. (Harsell, J. T.Harsell, Agnes C., 1897-10-09)
    Volume number jumps from 1 to 3, between the last issue, and this one.



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