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  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1839)
    "I have the honor to submit a detailed report of the operations of the troops under my command since leaving Fort Dalles, giving an account of the reception of the troops by the Indians in the Sim-qoo-ah Valley, and the ...
  • Unknown author (UNPUBLISHED, 1840-09-24)
    "I have the honor to transmit herewith a map of the country between the Columbia River and Cascade mountains north of Lake Chelan."
  • Various (UNPUBLISHED, 1845)
    "Religion morality and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall for ever be encouraged. The utmost good faith shall always be observed towards the ...
  • Fremont, J. C., Brevet Captain (UNKNOWN, 1845)
    "On the 8th we travelled about 26 miles, the ridge on the right having scattered pines on the upper parts; and continuing the next day our road along the river bottom, after a day's travel of 24 miles, we encamped in the ...
  • Wilbur, James H. (UNPUBLISHED, 1846-09-27)
    "27 this day I recd a letter from Bishop Heading announcing that I had been appointed to the Oregon Mission to Oregon and was requested to be at New York on the 20 of Oct at which time a vessel was expected to sail for ...
  • Archer, J. G. (UNPUBLISHED, 1847-05-05)
    Letters from Baltimore, City of Mexico, Toluca, and Fort Monroe, VA.
  • Archer, J. G. (UNPUBLISHED, 1847-05-05)
    Letters sent from City of Mexico, Toluca, Baltimore, Fort Monroe, and Rock Run.
  • Wilbur, James H.; Relander, Click (UNPUBLISHED, 1848)
    Rev. James Harvey Wilbur was Methodist missionary who arrived in Oregon in 1847 after a nine-month sea journey from New York with his wife Lucretia Ann Stevens, daughter Elizabeth. He describes his travels in great detail ...
  • Various (UNPUBLISHED, 1848)
    "Indian council 'through lawful chief, Kaskillah, asks for doctor because of diseases brought in by emigrants and 'loathsome diseases brought amongst us by soldiers and salors called venerial."
  • Medill, W.; Tolmie, Wm. F.; Takahooatis, Richard; McBean, William W.; Tucker, Major; Lea, L.; Spalding, H. H.; Royce, A. F.; Hathaway, S.; Skinner, A. A. (UNPUBLISHED, 1848-08-03)
    "In preparing the returns for more hunters or roving bands who are without cattle or agriculture, such as the tribes of the Columbia Valley are represented to be, a number of the columns of items will appear superfluious."
  • Medill, W.; Blanchet, L. N.; Tolmie, Wm. F.; Bird, Yellow; Odgen, Peter Skene; Takahooatis, Richard; McBean, William W.; Tucker, Major; Lea, L.; Long, Commander (UNPUBLISHED, 1848-08-03)
    "But such a scrutiny was necessary in order to judge of the advances of civilization of the most forward tribes as the Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, etc."
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1849)
    "On board Bark 'Keoka' ' getting ready for sea. Passengers have been coming on board all day. All the berths in the cabin are taken. Now I will study the character of some of them. Here are some Frenchmen one of them has ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1849)
    "The following letters are copies of those written by our grandfather, David Lee Campbell, to his father David McCord Campbell, residing at Clayton, Adams county, Illinois at the time David Lee and his brother James came ...
  • Various (UNPUBLISHED, 1849-04-26)
    "The facts and proofs in regard to the discovery of the Columbia river by her said husband are fully stated in the report No. 456 made by the committee on revolutionary pensions during the first session of the 29th congress ...
  • Ricard, Pascal (Unpublished, 1849-07-30)
    A newsy letter between friends about the events and living conditions. The gold rush has created inflation and hardship.
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1850)
    "The emigration is very large this year and the greater part go to the mines. That branch is entirely over done, so much so that those there cannot get room to work proffitably. There are hundreds of thousands in the mines ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1850)
    "As for my part, I am as Stout as a horse and as fat as a bear. We have got along very well, better than I expected; except we got our oxen poisoned 3 days ago but it hurt none of them but broad he is drupy but getting ...
  • Peekham, R. W. (UNPUBLISHED, 1850-03-30)
    "Application for license to Gov. Isaac I Stevens of Washington Territory to trade with the Flathead and Pend d'Orille Indians in the St Mary's Valley and the Coeur d'Alene and Spokane Indians on Spokane River hereby makes ...
  • Various (UNPUBLISHED, 1850-06-05)
    "Ow_whi is at Kittitash plain as near as I am able to learn. He has with him about 200 of his people. He cannot be considered friendly. He has visited Fort Simcoe but once since the troops have been stationed there which ...
  • Wampole, Elias; Dart, Anson (UNPUBLISHED, 1850-07-12)
    "An agency house is now in a forward state of erection at that point, the plan and contract for which was given out long before you arrived in the country. Three copies of the treaty with the Indians on this subject (giving ...



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