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  • Tappan, William H.; Cain, J.; Simpson, George B.; Higgins, C. P.; Robie, A. H.; Sears, W. K.; Robie, F.; Lansdale, R. H.; Fields, H. (UNPUBLISHED, 1855-02-06)
    "I have just concluded my second talks with the Indians in this neighborhood for several days I endeavored to get all the bandstogether so that a general council could be held but the scarcity of camas and a reluctance in ...
  • Lansdale, R. H.; Tappan, William H. (UNPUBLISHED, 1855-01-18)
    "It is my duty as well as my desire to conform all official acts to your wishes, and I wish to suggest that if you disapprove of the whole number being distributed as stock cattle part of them might be converted into beef ...
  • Lansdale, R. H.; Bancroft, A. A.; Gosnell, W. B.; Tappan, William H.; Wilbur, James H.; Fairchild, H. C.; Foster, J. H.; Mattoon, J. P. (UNPUBLISHED, 1860-04-27)
    "On the 2d instant taking my interpreter and a small party, I started to visit Kamiakan made headchief of the Yakimanation by the treaty of 1855. After traveling some 12 days I found him in the eastern portion of the Spokane ...
  • Cain, A. J.; Smith, Sam D.; Craig, William; Stevens, Isaac I., Gov.; Craig, William; Tappan, William H. (UNPUBLISHED, 1856-03-03)
    "Spokan Gary has come down to see me and says the Spokans are all friendly. He desires information in regard to money due him from the Ind. Dept. for past services as interpreter."
  • Tappan, William H.; Ravalli, Anthony; Craig, William; Cain, A. J.; Anderson, J. W. (UNPUBLISHED, 1856-02-15)
    "Indian matters here are in a bad fix. One was killed two days ago by a friendly Indian and I am in daily expectation that others will be. Some havemade open threats against the whites."



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