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  • Bolon, A. J.; Shaw, B. F.; Lugenbeel, Pinkney (UNPUBLISHED, 1854-02-24)
    "Sir I think the valley near the first camp of Capt. McAllister after after leaving the Yakama river is suitable place for the timber for building and the materials are plenty and convenient and the next point I think would ...
  • Bolon, A. J.; Shaw, B. F.; Curtis, James F.; Rumrill, C. H.; Whittmore, S.; Paige, G. A. (UNPUBLISHED, 1855-03-31)
    "I am sorry to have to inform you that we the miners of Ponderray gold mines will have to abandon the mines if there is not a stop of intoxicating liquor being brought to the mines."
  • Wilson, Henry C.; Crockett, Hugh; Swan, James G.; Gibbs, George; Hathaway, M. R.; Bolon, A. J.; Palmer, Joel; Pambrun, E. H.; Wallen, H. D.; Smith, J. S.; Doty, James (UNPUBLISHED, 1854-03-22)
    "I called upon the Duke of York, Gen. Taylor and Gen. Scott, three of the principal men of the Clalum tribe and requested them to accompany us in our search of the accused murders of Jewell and Pettingill. Scott and Taylor ...



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