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  • Chapman, A. J.; Miles, Nelson A.; McDowell, Irvin; Bancroft, A. A.; Drury, Thomas; Howard, O. O.; Rinehart, W. V.; Smith, Arden R.; Price, H.; Smith, John; Wilbur, James H.; Milroy, R. H.; Presby, Milton H.; Neil, Jno. B.; Stevens, H. S.; Atkins, J. D. C.; Smith, Thos. P.; Kelton, J. C. (UNPUBLISHED, 1881)
    Miscellaneous assortment of unfiled material transcribed from microfilm by Click Relander about Paiutes, fisheries, Snipes, schools, irrigation, and Malheur Agency.
  • Abbott, G. H.; Vansycle, J. M.; Whitlesy, J. B.; Babbitt, E. B.; Steen, E.; Miller, W. W.; Place, Charles E.; Ritchie, James; Howe, Thomas; Spink, Joseph; Hutchins, Chas.; Lansdale, R. H.; Bancroft, A. A.; Dole, Wm. P. (UNPUBLISHED, 1861-01-05)
    "Whilst at Walla Walla I learned from Vansycle the quarter master agent at the old fort of the robbery referred to by Capt. Ankeny with other depredations commited by Smo-kol-lah or Big Talk on Four Mountains, who is also ...
  • Lansdale, R. H.; Bancroft, A. A.; Gosnell, W. B.; Tappan, William H.; Wilbur, James H.; Fairchild, H. C.; Foster, J. H.; Mattoon, J. P. (UNPUBLISHED, 1860-04-27)
    "On the 2d instant taking my interpreter and a small party, I started to visit Kamiakan made headchief of the Yakimanation by the treaty of 1855. After traveling some 12 days I found him in the eastern portion of the Spokane ...
  • Bancroft, A. A. (UNPUBLISHED, 1862-11-01)
    "I regret that the steps taken to bring the Indians in this early does not meet your approval. Permit me to explain. On my return from Portland, three weeks since, our mountains were covered with snow that has since ...
  • Prosp, Fred S.; Hall, Alfred; Wilbur, James H.; Carman, Walter; Thompson, H. C.; Bancroft, A. A.; Laughlin, A. W.; Connell, William; Moore, F. C. (UNPUBLISHED, 1862-11-15)
    "The Indians have been eager and anxious to do something with their spades, hoes and mattocks in preparing garden spots. They have done a great deal in this way. The Agent having furnished the necessary tools and seeds, ...
  • Bancroft, A. A.; Wilbur, James H.; Dray, Andrew (UNPUBLISHED, 1861-09-20)
    "Plans are made and being faithfully executed in providing for the approaching winter; and now with the change we have had, with the near approach of winter, and the general condition of the Indians to make another change, ...



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