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  • Allen, Jesse K.; Garnett, R. S.; Archer, J. J. (UNPUBLISHED, 1857)
    Typed transcripts created by Click Relander of letters from Fort Simcoe personnel to Army HQ. The original letters were written in 1857 and were transcribed from microfilm by Relander in 1953.
  • Wool, John G.; Casey, Silas, Lt. Col.; Woodruff, Dickinson; Bowman, Francis L.; Garnett, R. S.; Archer, J. J.; Albert, I. I.; Abercrombie, J. J.; Black, H. M. (UNPUBLISHED, 1854-09-16)
    "The posts designed to protect and control the Indians to be collected on the military reserves should certainly be on the reserves. The want of troops in Oregon is apparent and will be remedied as soon as possible."
  • Garnett, R. S.; Sumner, E. V.; Allen, Jesse K.; Archer, J. J.; Nesmith, J. W.; Wright, G.; Casey, Silas, Lt. Col.; Raines, G. I.; Macfeely, R.; Bachus, E.; Hardie, Jas. A.; Nauman, George; Hardie, Jas. A. (UNPUBLISHED, 1855-05-25)
    "Major Garnett came from New York to this post in less than five days. He brought 214 men, without the loss of a man ---One man was left behind sick--The success was entirely attributed to the major's great zeal and care."
  • Howard, John G.; Casey, Silas, Lt. Col.; Garnett, R. S.; Stevens, Isaac I., Gov.; Wright, G.; Green, James L.; Archer, J. J. (UNPUBLISHED, 1857-12-10)
    "Much excitement prevails. I have been waited upon by a committee of citizens requesting that I should charter the steamer Constitution in the hope of overtaking them tendering if desired the services of 150 volunteers."
  • Archer, J. J.; Garnett, R. S.; Black, H. M.; Judah, H. M.; Wright, G. (UNPUBLISHED, 1857-09-30)
    "It is with great reluctance that I feel constrained to occupy the valuable time and attention of the honorable secretary with such a petty subject and with equally as great pains that it is done in appeal from the action ...
  • McMullen, Fayette; Stevens, Isaac I., Gov.; Anderson, Butler P.; Camp, Elisha E.; Garnett, R. S.; Pleasanton, A.; Wright, G.; Archer, J. J. (UNPUBLISHED, 1858-02-23)
    A series of letters received by the War Department from various correspondents in Washington Territory during the military actions of 1854-1858. Relander created typed transcripts of these sometimes difficult to read ...
  • Garnett, R. S.; Pleasanton, A.; Clarke, N.; Harney, Wm.; Wright, G.; Archer, J. J. (UNPUBLISHED, 1858-10-06)
    "About three weeks since it was reported to me by some friendly Indians living near this post that Kamiakin had sent an emissary (care of his slaves) into the Klickatat country with horses as presents to the friendly Indians ...



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