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Ephemera and Clippings

Ephemera and Clippings


Relander collected a variety of ephemera and newspaper clippings on topics related to his interest in Pacific Northwest history and the relationship between government agencies and tribal groups.

Most of the ephemera was acquired by Relander after 1945 and probably used by him for his work with the Yakima newspapers. The clippings, especially the files containing Indian stories, were generally printed in the 1950s and 1960s, with a small percentage from early 1900s Yakima papers.

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Recent Submissions

  • author unknown (Yakima Herald, 1961)
    The mezzanine floor of the Central Washington Fair's agriculture building is to be remodeled for 4-H displays. Grange displays will still be arranged around the perimeter of the main floor.
  • author unknown (Yakima Republic, 1967)
    A photo of the 1904 fair from the Frank Lanterman collection of old photographs.
  • author unknown (Yakima Republic, 1967)
    A photo of the 1904 fair from the Frank Lanterman collection of old photographs.
  • Martin, Molly (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1970)
    Unlikely competitors win blue ribbons"baking and home arts at the fair.
  • Watson, Halsey R. (Yakima Herald-Republic, 2003)
    A retrospective of the 1913 Washington State Fair that was held"North Yakima, Washington.
  • Churchill, Sam (Yakima Republic, 1967)
    Dedicated people, planning and plenty of work have made the Central Washington Fair one of only two fairs"Washington State that are both solvent and successful.
  • author unknown (Central Washington Fair Association, 1950)
    1950 Schedule of events and displays at the fairgrounds. This 96 page booklet"cludes advertisments that feature local sponsors and service providers.
  • Hinman, Hap (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1973)
    A picture of the grandstand at Central Washington Fair as it appeared"1883.
  • author unknown (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1972)
    Retiring fair manager J. Hugh King is remembered as a dynamic leader and showman.
  • author unknown (Yakima Sunday Herald, 1955)
    A series of photos illustrating the work done by division superintendents, identifying Mrs. Frank Shields, Mrs. Loyd J Sherry, Mrs. Edgar Asbury, Mrs. Ruth Lamson, Mr. Frank Riches, and Mr. Harold Adams.
  • author unknown (Yakima Herald, 1961)
    A 3-foot model of the N.S. Savannah, the nation's first nuclear-propelled merchant ship, will be but one of several displays of Atoms"Action.
  • author unknown (Yakima Herald-Republic,, 4/21/1973)
    New fair manager Greg Stewart announced changes made at the Central Washington Fairgrounds.
  • author unknown (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1973)
    The Central Washington Fair Association is pressing for tax relief.
  • author unknown (Yakima Sunday Herald, 1955)
    A full page PSA praising the fair with all the optimisim and style of the 1950's.
  • Anonymous (Yakima Herald, 1965-04-11)
    A look at the economic impact of irrigation on the Yakima Valley.
  • Anonymous (Yakima Herald, 1965-04-11)
    Early on irrigation system designers recognized that water diverted for irrigation could also be used to drive power generators. The electricity generated was used to power irrigation pumps. 6 pictures and an irrigation ...
  • Anonymous (Yakima Herald, 1965-04-11)
    A picture tour of the major dams of the Yakima project.
  • Anonymous (Yakima Herald, 1965-05-11)
    A brief history of agriculture in the Yakima Valley.
  • Hall, G. D. (previously unpublished, 1970-05)
    A speech about the history of western water rights given in early 1970. The manuscript was donated to the library by the author in May of 1970.
  • Anonymous (previously unpublished, 2012)
    Typed document, a concise statement on the history of irrigation in the Yakima Valley, was donated to YVL by author in 1970.

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