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  • Yakima Valley Regional Libraries (Yakima Valley Regional Library, 1959)
    1959 report to the community with information on how the regional library operates, the services provided, and the service locations.
  • Gilbert, Helen S (Yakima Valley Regional Library, 1962)
    Annual report of 1961 showing services and resource data
  • author unknown (Yakima Sunday Herald, 1952)
    Sponsored by the League of Women Voters.
  • Peterson, Julie (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1999)
    A brief profile of Yakima Valley Regional Library's organization and funding sources.
  • Snelgrove, Erin (Yakima Herald-Republic, 2006)
    Yakima voters approved annexing the city's libraries into the Yakima Regional Library district. The change is expected to improve library funding and library services.
  • Lamb, Charles (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1982)
    Murray L. Bob, director of the Cattaraugus Library System in Jamestown, N.Y., spoke at the 1982 Plath Forum in Yakima about the enduring value of well-written books.
  • author unknown (Yakima Daily Republic, 1953)
    The American Association of University Women vote in support of a combined Rural and City library system.
  • Carter, Ross (Yakima Valley Regional Library, 1967)
    A sweeping outline of the history of library service in Yakima County.
  • Williams, E. M. (Yakima, Washington, 1929-09-03)
    Line drawing of the Yakima Public Library from the Assessor's office.
  • Price, J.H. (State of Washington, 1896)
    Articles of incorporation of the Yakima Library Association, which was a private circulating library that was funded by membership dues and lending fees.
  • author unknown (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1983)
    Teresa Landers, youth librarian, considers E.T.'s role in summer reading program
  • author unknown (Yakima Sunday Herald, 1959)
    The organizational structure of the Yakima Valley Regional Library is explained. Local communities provide the local library facilities: the regional library provides professional and administrative staff, as well as ...
  • author unknown (Yakima Morning Herald, 1954)
    Mrs. Helen Stone Gilbert appointed new regional librarian, replacing Miss Mildred Burch, who will be leaving in June to work for the Seattle Library.
  • Board of Trustees, Yakima Library Association` (unpublished, 2012)
    Minutes of the board meetings of the Yakima Library Association from 1896 through 1904. In April of 1904 the association was disolved and all library property was turned over to the City of Yakima.
  • author unknown (Yakima Morning Herald, 1945)
    The beginning of the county library system as covered by the Yakima Morning Herald.
  • author unknown (Yakima Daily Republic, 1951)
    George M. Martin, chairman of the Yakima Valley Regional Library, announced Miss Carol Trimble as head librarian of the newly organized regional library system.
  • author unknown (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1968)
    Those at the YVRL Board of trustees meeting reviewed expenses, circulation, and discussed needed capital improvements.
  • Oneal, Joyce (Yakima Herald-Republic, 1972)
    Plans to increase library spending on books in the 1973 budget proposal
  • YVRL internal document (Yakima Valley Regional Library, 1952)
    YVRL Bookmobile Schedule for the years 1953-1954
  • Anonymous (Yakima Herald, 1958-09-14)
    A news clipping about YVRL bookmobile library services for the fall and winter of 1958. Photo shows Ursula Meyer, bookmobile librarian, stocking the shelves of a bookmobile.



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