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  • Layman (UNPUBLISHED, )
    "When you enter upon your life Work are you going to be satisfied with the success of the ordinary minister? If you work along the usual lines have you any good reason to suppose that the results of your labors will be ...
  • anon (UNKNOWN, )
    Clippings are actually printed on the pages.
  • anon (UNPUBLISHED, )
    "There was an ocian steamer, which sank with nearly all its crew, just a short distance from the shore. On board the doomed vessel was a stalwart young man and his little family. He must swim or perish. Could he go and ...
  • anon (UNPUBLISHED, )
    "The unity of Faith + Works. Two men were once crossing a river in a boat. They disputed about Faith + Works."
  • anon (UNPUBLISHED, )
    "I am told there is a market place in London where a strang bronze tablet is put upon a piller for public view."
  • Ryle, J. C., Rev. B. A. (UNKNOWN, 1913)
    Issued by the American Tract Society and labeled as No. 122 in the series. "Reader, there is a great question before your eyes. Try to answer it. The Bible says, that without conversion there can be no salvation. Now, are ...
  • P., V. F. (UNKNOWN, 1897)
    Includes the Beirut Press, the Oroomiah Press, the Shanghai Press, the Bangkok Press, the Press of Mexico City, and Chieng-Mai Press.
  • Unknown (The Willett Press, N. Y., 1910)
    "The challenge of the Native Church: the one great outstanding fact in the history of the Board of Foreign Missions, the past year, is the development of the Native Church. The record of the Native Church for a single year ...
  • anon (UNPUBLISHED, )
    "The promise renewed. 13 I will give the land to seed for ever."
  • anon (UNPUBLISHED, )
    "A man who was converted in one of Major Cole's meeting in the East, in giving his testimony as to what had started him on the road to a life of sin + shame, said When I was a boy I attended S. S. There were five other ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1939-02-19)
    Clippings range from February 19, 1939 through November 9, 1968. Some headlines include: "Old log chapel becomes shrine," and "Archives at Gonzaga gather together Catholic Northwest history." Though not digitized, these ...
  • Various (UNKNOWN, 1908-12-04)
    Clippings range from December 4, 1908 through September 17, 1967. Some headlines include: "New school approved by parish," and "Caravan of Yakima Catholics to escort Bishop on trip through Yakima Canyon." Though not ...
  • Taft, William H., Hon. (UNKNOWN, 1908-04)
    From an address delivered at Carnegie Hall, New York City.
  • Unknown (UNKNOWN, 1919)
    Part of Relander's collected ephemera, all from this folder are religious in subject. For more of Relander's collected ephemera, see EPM-131-01-001 through EPM-131-05-001, as well as EPM-131-08-001 and EPM-131-08-002.
  • Hill, Thomas, Rev., D.D., LL. D. (Press of Noyes, Snow & Company., 1879-09-10)
    From a sermon preached at Portland, Maine. "In that charming volume of Emerson, published anonymously forty years ago, in which he treats of Nature in relation to man, he says that every natural fact is a type of some ...
  • Widtsoe, John A. (Press of Zion's Printing and Publishing Company., 1938)
    Written by one of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. "Joseph Smith was the first president and prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, popularly known as the 'Mormon' ...
  • E., W. C. (UNKNOWN, 1913)
    Issued by the American Tract Society and labeled as No. 211 in the series. "Rev. Dr. Marsh of England, once repeated the following lines to Lord Roden, telling him that thy were composed by his old schoolmaster Dr. Valpy, ...
  • Harris, Elmore, D. D.; Clements, John R.; Ober, C. K. (UNKNOWN, 1913)
    Partial document includes writing by John R. Clements on the other side. Remainder of the document not in the collection.
  • Ryle, J. C. (UNKNOWN, 1913)
    Issued by the American Tract Society, and labelled as No. 131 in the series. "Reader, there are many excuses made about religion. But there are no excuses so poor and feeble as those which people make for not praying. ...
  • Ezekiel. 
    anon (UNPUBLISHED, )
    "His name - Ezekiel - Lit. strong, or hard....El - the last syllable is one of the names applied to God."



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