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  • Unknown (Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Company., 1930)
    Full of unique recipes from apple pie to economy cake and apples in surprise.
  • Morse, Carlton E. (Unknown, 1952-04)
    A cookbook celebrating the 20th anniversary of the radio soap opera, One Man's Family. Black and white photographs of the characters from the radio show and lots of stories accompany the recipes.
  • Unknown (Unknown, 1955)
    Put out by White House Milk, this cookbook starts with tips on using their products, but also includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, all of which use their dry and evaporated milk. Some illustrations ...
  • Unknown (Althea Society of the Bethany Lutheran Church., 1946-04)
    This spiral bound cookbook starts with table prayers and recipes for a happy day, before going into a large variety of recipes, arranged alphabetically. Each recipe has been submitted by a member of the church. Someone has ...
  • Olsen, Marilyn (UNPUBLISHED, 1950)
    Printed on glossy newspaper-sized sheets, the focus is heavily on recipes, but articles and information do dot the pages. Intended for food editors for National Apple Week, there is an interesting article on how best to ...
  • Unknown author (UNKNOWN, 1949)
    This brochure produced by the Washington State Apple Commission has recipes, but features a large map of Washington's resources.
  • Mackay, L. Gertrude (UNKNOWN, 1939)
    Almost identical to the other Apple Talk booklet, EPM-064-09-011, this booklet has articles in the first half of it and recipes in the second.
  • Mackay, L. Gertrude (UNKNOWN, 1939)
    Issued by the Northern Pacific Railway, this booklet has several articles on apples in the first half of the booklet, and recipes for serving the apple in the second half.
  • Unknown (Lever Brothers Co., 1940)
    Includes recipes using Spry shortening. Delightful photos throughout with comics-style speech bubbles, as well as a tips and tricks, such as a step-by-step of how to create pie crusts using Spry. "My grandson, Tommy, tuckin' ...
  • Unknown (Borden Co., 1956)
    Recipes that take advantage of the "magic" of Borden's sweetened condensed milk. Almost all recipes are for desserts, but there is a recipe for mayonnaise, as well. Full of color and black and white photos.
  • Barton, Frances Lee (Unknown, 1928)
    Produced by Swans Down Cake Flour, this cookbook is indeed full of tips and tricks, alongside the recipes, each of which uses their product. Long section of frosting recipes, as well. Color illustrations on most pages. ...
  • Unknown (Canadian Government Travel Bureau., 1966)
    Begins with a description of what makes Canadian cuisine unique, and then is divided up by province, with information and several recipes per province. Includes a recipe for how to make honey without bees in the Ontario section.
  • Unknown (Unknown, 1955)
    This booklet, prepared by the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, begins with a purchasing guide for fish. It also has 6 recipes, with tear-out recipe cards for each, still attached, and information about seafood found ...
  • Starr, Mary; Starr, Adella C.; Richmond, Hilda; Baird, S. H.; Bevington, Agnes; Barr, Mary J.; Fitzgerald, F. Gerald; Shulzer, Frederick (Cooking Club Publishing Co., 1905-06)
    "By everyday cooks for cooks who cook every day, foods, cooking, and culinary economics. The only culinary publication adapted to use of families with limited incomes." Also includes a brief fashion department. Black and ...
  • Harland, Marion; Hewitt, Emma Churchman (Corn Products Refining Co., 1920)
    Done by Corn Products Refining Co., who manufactured Kingsford's Corn Starch, Mazola, and Karo syrup, this vintage cook book has a variety of recipes, all of which use their products. Begins with "a word to the housewife" ...
  • Russell, Rae (UNKNOWN, 1938-06)
    Extension bulletin 204, produced by the Extension Service State College of Washington. Includes information on the health benefits of apples, the right apples for the right time, and several pages of recipes.
  • Dahnke, Marye (Unknown, 1936)
    Produced by the Kraft-Phenix Cheese Corporation, the book is full of card sized recipes-each utilizing Kraft products-accompanying the meal they would go good with, and full color illustrations. Of note is the illustrated ...
  • Unknown (Unknown, 1955)
    Produced by the Mid-Central Fish Co. "Choice fish is now available every day in the week!" The first half is information about the different types of fish and how to prepare them and the second half is recipes using fish.
  • Unknown (Unknown, 1954)
    After a humorous recipe "for average Gibbs pupil," there follows a variety of recipes submitted by mothers and teachers at Gibbs School, in Canton, Ohio. Of note is the final recipe, "a good recipe to break up a hard cold."
  • Unknown (Unknown, 1955)
    Features a large selection of international recipes and game meet, such as "moose ribs." Periodic ads from local businesses fill the pages.



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