Yakima Memory is an online collaboration between Yakima Valley Libraries and Yakima Valley Museum for the digitization, preservation, and distribution of historical materials held by both institutions. Here you will find digitized photographs, historical texts, memorabilia & ephemera, maps and many more items of historical and cultural significance. Use the Search or Browse features to view items in the collection. Each item record tells where to find the physical object.


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  • Bodeen, Jim; Obisbo, Arturo; Barriga, Maria Guadalupe; Santos, Manuh; Martinez, Michelle; Beltran, Estakio; Gonzalez, Eloisa; Pola, Monica; Padilla, Maribel; Manjarrez, Cristal; Whizar, Tatiana; Perez, Gaston; Rosales, Oscar; Herrera, Eleazar; Gamboa, Martha; Gutierrez, Marco; Campos, Rosalinda; Cruz, Erika; Estrada, Uziel; Caro, Antonia; Mendes, Natividad; Barriga, Maria Rosa; Mancilla, Abraham; Torres, Ricardo; Ruiz, German; Robles, Rosa; Guzman, Claudia; Abundiz, Clementina; Hernandez, Daisy; Placencia, Oswaldo; Ruiz, Antonio; Rivera, Beatriz; Campos, Pedro; Campos, Bertha; Mendez, Roberto; Segura, Yoshikovasha; Caro, Maria; Flores, Blanca; Saucedo, Octavio; Hernandez, Erika; Galeana, Francisco; Mendoza, Laura; Farias, Cesar; Perez, Paloma; Barriga, Rosa; Padilla, Trinidad; Guapilla, Josie; Barriga, Maria de Jesus; Nava, Lilia; Rodriguez, Mayra; Mendoza, Liliana; Garibay, Jose (Blue Begonia Press, 2002)
    A scanned image of the table of contents for the poetry book, Sedding Light in Each Dark Room.
  • Reiss, Yuki K.; Thomas, Jeff; Anderson, Eric; Cummins, Jim (Yakima Basin Fish and Wildlife Recovery Board (YBFWRB), Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Mid-Columbia Fishery Resource Office (collectively, the YBTAP Working Group), 2012-09)
    Summary of information on bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) populations in the Yakima Basin. This includes populations status, trends and distribution, habitat, a detailed analysis of threats, and relevant monitoring and ...
  • Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakima Indian Nation and The Washington Department of Fisheries (Northwest Power Planning Council, 1990-09-01)
    This plan is one of the 31 Columbia river subbasin plans that comprise the system planning effort. The system plan will guide the adoption of future salmon and steelhead enhancement projects under the Northwest Power ...
  • Conley, Alex; Freudenthal, Joel; Lind, David; Mees, Phil; Visser, Richard (Yakima Basin Fish & Wildlife Recovery Board, 2009-09-30)
    This document is an updated version of the Steelhead portion of the 2005 NOAA Fisheries approved interim recovery, Subbasin Salmon Recovery Plan. THis document is a recovery plan for ESA (Endangered Species Act) listed ...
  • Relander, Click; Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. (1961-02-28)
    A photograph of construction of the John Day Dam.

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